What We Do

To ensure that the data collected answers your key business questions, we start with the anticipated outcomes:

  • What business questions are you trying to answer?

  • How are you looking to report this information?

  • What kind of analytics best answer key business questions?

  • What level of accuracy and precision is required?

Applying the answers to these questions creates discussion guides and questionnaires thar:

  • Probe respondants on what is really important to decision making

  • Identify key requirements and unmet needs


  • Generate new ideas and ways of thinking about solutions

When research instruments have already been drafted, Qessential can provide an independent review to look for respondent-focused perspectives, and simple checks for accuracy, logic, and consistency. Our extensive medical expertise allows us to make contributions to research design that other companies cannot.

Let our senior research team members serve as advisors to help guide your most important research efforts.


Research Design