Who We Are

Philip D. Dean

Senior Advisor

Philip Dean began his research career conducting interviews on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, the precursor to today’s MRI technology. He never looked back. Today he is considered one of the premier qualitative IDI and focus group moderators in the healthcare field. Over the last 20+ years, Phil’s work has covered virtually every medical technology field including surgery, interventional medicine, device implantation, rare chronic disorders, coagulation disorders, diagnostic imaging, patient referral patterns, patient selection and technology adoption. Phil has had particular success working with people living with debilitating conditions to learn from them where opportunities exist for improving the lives of future generations of patients.


Phil enjoys traveling which is an important aspect of his work. This gives him the opportunity to sample cuisine from around the country and around the world. He is an oenophile with a small collection of fine California red wines which he maintains at his home in Exeter, New Hampshire. His two sons are currently in college in New York and Virginia.


Phil received his Masters in Management from California State University Northridge.