What We Do

A company offering a treatment for patients with lupus was hoping to better understand how communications between physicians and patients may differ. The results could provide insights for why some treatments are accepted by patients and other equally efficacious therapies are not.

Online survey data with 300 rheumatologists and 300 lupus patients was collected over a six week period. Numerous Q-Select™ Recruitment outreach methods were used to reach patients, including via physician referral, patient support groups, online communities, and social media.

We designed a questionnaire to measure numerous attitudes and behaviors engaged in by physicians and patients, with the intent of measuring any gaps in perceptions. Essential Analytics™ included factor analysis and development of a predictive model using regression techniques to identify the drivers of a) satisfaction with physician-patient interactions and b) successful outcomes.

Qessential used its analytical services to identify 5-7 key areas for educational outreach, focused on both physicians and patients. Results of the study were presented at the ISPOR 15th Annual European Congress in Berlin, Germany. 


Physician and Patient Perspectives on Lupus