What We Do

A company offering a treatment for patients with heart disease wanted to better understand patient segments that may be most responsive to a planned DTC marketing campaign.

Over a three-week period, Qessential gathered 800 completed online surveys from existing and potential heart disease patients, as well as caregivers, via physician outreach and strategic partnerships with healthcare providers.

We designed a questionnaire to measure a wide array of attitudes related to information-seeking behavior, therapy preferences, physician communications, and quality of life. Our team used the extensive data gathered in this study to complete a full segmentation analysis, including factor analysis, k-means cluster analysis, two-step cluster analysis, and discriminant analysis validation. We then identified potential 3, 4, 5, and 6-segment solutions that appeared to characterize the marketplace.

Qessential used its distinctive collaborative approach to identify 3 segments that should be targeted for the client’s upcoming campaign, based on profit potential and likelihood to take action as a result of the campaign. Unique market messaging was then designed to appeal to the needs of each segment. Finally, an interactive Typing Tool was created in Microsoft Excel for the client team, allowing future segment classification of any patient based on responses to a subset of survey questions.


Patient Segmentation