Who We Are

Our mission is to be an unparalleled resource for market insights in the medical technology industry. We accomplish this through our exclusive focus on the health care decision maker, highly responsive service, superior data interpretation, and in-house ownership of critical research functions. We position our clients for success with real-time, actionable data that drives marketing strategy, improves medical technologies, and enhances patient outcomes.

We deliver on our mission through a constant focus on our company’s Core Values:


We demonstrate our EXCELLENCE every day through an unwavering commitment to clients, by relentlessly pursuing quality in everything we do and through our passion for continuous improvement, as individuals and as a company. We take pride in striving to be the best at what we do.


We RESPECT our clients and each other by listening, acting with empathy and concern and by doing what’s best for people

and the company. We treat everyone with dignity and we always put the needs of others ahead of our own.


Our INNOVATION is evident through our ability to be intuitive, proactive and creative in our work. We listen to our clients, interpret their needs and concerns and adapt to any situation in order to deliver unique and effective solutions.


We live our commitment to INTEGRITY by doing what we say we’ll do, being honest and direct with our clients, and each other, and by always acting with the highest ethical and moral standards in mind.


Our commitment to COLLABORATION shows in the way we leverage each other’s capabilities and experience on behalf of clients and in how we interact with each other. We believe in our team and know that together we add value intellectually and
are positioned powerfully to handle the most challenging and complex issues our clients may face.