What We Do

A company wanted to better understand the potential interest among non-surgeon physicians in a new device for treating low back pain using a percutaneous implantation procedure.

A series of 12 in-person one-on-one interviews with interventional radiologists and anesthesiologists who treat chronic pain were conducted in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. Interviews lasted 3-4 hours, and involved in-depth interviews, a short survey, examination of a model of the medical device, and practice implanting the actual device in a cadaver.

Using high definition video capture, Qessential recorded all phases of the interview and lab experience. Key themes and findings from the research were matched to supporting quotes from these recordings, and a management-ready, video highlight reel of exceptional quality was created as a deliverable.  

Findings from the study suggested a key new market for a product currently involved in clinical trials. This data was presented to the board of directors and external investors, helping to secure another round of venture capital funding.


Medical Device Assessment