25  Years. A Milestone!

by Phil Dean

What a difference a quarter century makes!


Things sure were different in 1988: MRI imaging had just been introduced. The Orphan Drug Act of 1983 had launched a new industry which was just getting off the ground. HIV had devastated pockets of our society, and we were beginning to address the problems of blood supply safety. Synthetic blood products were about to be released to the market.


From a practical perspective, there was no Internet, no email to speak of, most of us had no cell phones. Much of our market research was conducted through the mail.

And against this historical backdrop, Qessential Medical Market Research (which was founded as Harbaugh Associates in 1988) had a mail processing room that could actually handle the volume of surveys and letters we would send out each month.


Over the intervening 25 years, Qessential has conducted studies in an ever-growing array of areas, a reflection of many of the important medical developments that have emerged over the last quarter century. More broadly, our research studies have reflected changes in how decisions are made in the selection of medical devices and medications.


We’ve seen patients assume more and more control over their own care and participate in these decisions. The Internet has educated patients and helped them reach out to one another and organize into effective groups. Additionally, changes in the structure of healthcare providers and payers have radically altered the marketing landscape for companies introducing and supporting high-technology implantables and specialty pharmaceuticals.


The last 25 years has seen the evolution of our company and a revolution for the industry we serve. Qessential has emerged from its “mom and pop” roots to become the leading market research provider to the medical technology industry with sophisticated qualitative and quantitative services. Our growth has been built on a dedication to client service and satisfaction that other research firms simply cannot match.


Today, I’m proud to look back on 25 years of achievement. Two groups are largely responsible for this success: our clients and our team members. We are grateful to the many clients who have come to Qessential again and again for the unique advantages created by actionable research information. We have learned from them, as much as we have served them, over these many years. And our team, a group of professionals and friends, that comes together each morning to continue our tradition of excellence and collaboration in market research.


The path to our 25th anniversary has been exciting and filled with challenges met and successes achieved. The road ahead promises greater reach, additional success and continued excellence for Qessential and our valued clients.


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